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  1. 演講比賽示範
    Speech Contest Demo

  2. 文 化 課 程
    Culture Class

  3. 學 校 運 動 會
    Field Day

  4. 演 講 比 賽
    Speech Contest

  5. 布 袋 戲 競 賽
    Glove Puppet Contest

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為提供學生安靜的上課環境,辦公室及家長休息室將從以往的 二樓教室改到一樓的學生餐廳,樓上將不再提供個別家長休息室。歡迎家長多多利用,並加入多樣的成人活動組課外活動,或新增的成人中文㑹話班新課程。 ...更多詳情 >

Office and Parents Rest to the First Floor Restaurant

In order to provide students with a quiet classroom environment, the office and parent lounge will be changed from the previous second floor classroom to the student restaurant on the first floor, and individual parent lounges will no longer be available upstairs. Parents are welcome to take advantage of it and join a variety of adult activity group extracurricular activities, or a new adult Chinese class. ...More Details >

關 於 實 驗 中 文
北維州實驗中文學校 (Northern Virginia Experimental Chinese School - NVAECS) 由一群家長創建於1991年, 為維州州政府正式登記成立的非營利組織。本校秉持著寓教於樂的宗旨,以從遊戲中學習的教學理念與方針,為大家提供中文教育及中華文化的推廣與傳承。現有師生近四百多人, 於星期日下午兩點到四點於香堤里高中 (Chantilly High School) 上課。

教學觀摩月報名開始Teaching Observation

校隊甄選及培訓辦法ECS Team Selection

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