Dear ECS families,

Summer has been in session for 2 weeks and we hope you have had a chance to catch a breather. During this time, ECS have been working on the reopening of the school year. We will send out announcements every two weeks to ensure transparency. Please submit registration by Tuesday, June 30th to avoid late fee and for class planning purposes. We hope by August, the pandemic will be stabilized and that school will be safe to return to. If school cannot be opened and the methods of conducting classes are not acceptable, requests for withdrawal and refund can be submitted. Should you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you at: ECS Help Desk.

The operation of the school relies on parents’ participation. With the board being understaffed at this time for the next school year, we are faced with the possibility of cancelling school events and food fundraising. The cultivation of ECS for nearly thirty years relies on you to carry on our mission. We sincerely invite you to join the team! Positions which need to be filled are: General Affairs, Fundraising (2 seats). Please contactPublication or current board members if interested. List of responsibility with benefits of tuition waiver for one child (Board 100% waived, Staff 50% waived).


1. Current Student Registration ends on June 30th IMPORTANT

New students (with siblings currently attending ECS) should register at the same time with their siblings (currently attending ECS) by adding the new student as a family member. Please complete online registration forms and submit online payments by June 30th to avoid late fees. Your enrollment will help ECS make its class plan, and if you are not satisfied with the school reopening plan to be announced this summer, you can apply for full refunds before the first day of school. Contact Regsitration if you have any questions regarding online registration.

announced this summer, you can apply for full refunds before the first day of school.

2. New Student Registration Open & Adult Class Registration Open

Please remind all families who are new to ECS about Open Enrollment. If they wish to enroll their children in classes, please see here for more information. For parents who wish to enroll in the intermediate-level Adult Chinese class, please use the Adult Registration Form.

3. When Paying Online

For the 2020-2021 school year, the only form of payment online shall be: any credit or debit card. No other payment method will be accepted online. There is NO processing fee this year due to the inconveniences caused by COVID-19 and we waived the registration fee in order to encourage current students to return to ECS next year. The ECS board has also decided for the 2020-2021 school year that the required service point fee for families with one child enrolling in ECS is reduced from $60 to $45 (or equivalently, one service point less). For families with more than one child enrolling in ECS, the required service point fee is reduced from $120 to $90 (or equivalent, two service points less) to reflect school closure until June.

4. Service Points Refund

Families who received service points this year and are NOT planning to come back next year are eligible for requesting service points refund. Please fill out the withdrawal form and email.